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Prosser is a small city located in eastern Washington state. It has a population of under 6,000 people. Prosser is a friendly, tight nit community. Many families are attracted to the area and search for Prosser homes to buy. Most of them choose to use the services of a Prosser real estate agent.


Prosser was founded in the 1880's. It has long been an appealing place because of its close proximity to the Yakima River. The city was founded by William Prosser, a colonel in the United States military. A railroad track was soon built in the area, leading to easy transportation and an increase in population. In the early twentieth century, Prosser was chosen as the county seat of the newly created Benton County. It continues to hold this status today. Further information can be found at this link.

Parks and Recreation

Prosser has several major parks. Examples include Crawford Park, E.J. Miller Park, Market Street Park, and City Park. These venues can be reserved for special occasions by contacting the city's Recreation Department. Another popular place to go is the Prosser Aquatic Center. It is open during the summer, and is a great place for families to enjoy some exercise. The Prosser Boys and Girls Club features fun sports related activities for kids. More information can be found here

Attractions and Activities

Since Prosser is well known for its wine, its top attractions are wineries. The Airfield Estates Winery is one of the top attractions in Prosser, both for residents and tourists. It gives visitors plenty of information about the city's wine industry. Prosser is hailed as the birthplace of the Washington wine industry. The Prosser Vinter Village is a great place for wine tasting and exploring wine fields. The Alexandria Nicole Cellars offers a high end, top quality experience for wine lovers. Additional information can be found here.


Prosser has several annual events that local residents enjoy. The Prosser Wine and Goods Fair is one of the city's most popular festivals. It celebrates Prosser's strong reputation as a city that is a center for the wine industry. It is held each year during the middle of August. The Great Prosser Balloon Rally, which kicks off each September, is another widely attended event. It features a series of hot air balloons being simultaneously launched into the air, creating an awe inspiring sight. Here is a link with more information

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