Richland Offers Residents a Community Steeped in a Rich Historical Culture
The thriving city of Richland is located in southeastern Washington State. This historic city is part of the Tri-Cities area that includes Pasco and Kennewick. The explorers Lewis and Clark visited this region that is near the confluence of the Columbia and Yakima Rivers in 1805. In 1905, W.R. Amon purchased about two thousand acres on the north bank of the Yakima and proposed building a town on that site. It existed primarily as a farm community until World War I when it was taken over by United States Army and turned into a bedroom community that housed the workers on the Manhattan Project Facility that became known as the Hanford site. All the buildings and land were government-owned and civilians had no right to private home ownership. This all changed after the end of World War II when the government began to sell the acquired Richland WA real estate in 1957. Today Richland is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

Several parks and recreational activities near the Columbia and Yakima Rivers add to the outdoor appeal of Richland real estate. Those who enjoy outdoor activities will find a number of outstanding natural areas located close to the city. Nature enthusiasts including hikers and bikers can find lots of sunshine to enhance their outdoor pursuits. Boating, fishing, water skiing and waterfowl hunting are popular with residents and visitors. The three nine-hole golf courses have been designed to provide recreational enjoyment with varying levels of skills. Many Richland WA homes are conveniently located near golf courses and parks.  

There are many fine homes for sale in Richland that appeal to a variety of buyers. The real estate in Richland offers the potential Richland homebuyer an extensive selection of homes from which to choose. The historical relevance of the Manhattan Project draws crowds each year for tours of the Hanford nuclear site. Several concerts featuring well-known entertainers provide outstanding entertainment for resident and visitors year round. Professional and amateur sporting events bring exciting entertainment to baseball, football and hockey fans in the area. The Tumbleweed Musical Festival is an annual event that feature more than one hundred musical acts.  

Any Richland real estate agent can provide prospective homebuyers with pertinent information concerning the availability of Richland homes for sale. The many Richland properties and Richland homes include land for new home construction as well as single-family homes and condos. A knowledgeable Richland realtor is the best source to contact regarding the current real estate trends in the Richland area. With the median sales price for homes during the month of December at about $157,000, Richland has a lot to offer its residents as well as a potential Richland Home Buyer.

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Laura Harris-Hodges
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