What is My Home Worth?

Many websites offer the opportunity to obtain a quick answer to this question with an online calculator, however the answer you receive will rarely be accurate.  While computers have the ability to provide endless, reliable information, the value of your home cannot be so simply calculated.  

So how do online calculators work?  These programs will typically examine the information provided on the county assessor's website and compare it to other nearby homes.  It may also take into consideration other available information on that specific website, but that's about it.  The assessor site is a valuable tool, however it cannot dictate value.  It will state an estimated property value, but this number is most often incorrect, along with other information about bedroom count, bathroom count and sometimes even square footage. 

When I prepare a market analysis, I am able to access historical data for many properties not available to online calculators and also be able to mentally take factors into consideration that a computer can't.  For example, the assessor site will not reflect if a comparable home has had extensive updating, if a pool has been added, or if the home has been left in state of neglect for countless years.  

If you are serious about possibly placing your home on the market and want to know the actual market value of your home, please call me.  I would be more than happy to provide you with a free market analysis of your property that is current, accurate and thorough.  

Laura Harris-Hodges
Laura Harris-Hodges
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