About Me, Laura Harris-Hodges

As the sun rises above the Columbia River, it’s another picturesque morning and Laura is already well into her six mile daily run. Keeping in good physical condition is a top priority for this athletic, professional woman and Laura believes when you have the dedication, the enthusiasm, and the passion, you will figure out how to excel. This has been Laura’s key to success. Laura has earned the reputation as one of the leaders in the Tri-Cities residential real estate market as well as in new homes and land development- from start to finish. Her aggressive approach in marketing and her dedication to her clients has made her consistently one of the top producing agents in the Tri-Cities and in the state of Washington. With over two decades of experience in real estate, Laura has gained a well-deserved reputation for providing outstanding service and results. There are few places more important than the one you call home. This is why Laura is passionate about helping you make the best decisions possible when it comes to this important investment. No matter what your needs, Laura takes the time to understand your needs, really listening to what you have to say, and she will work tirelessly to reach your goals.  

Laura also knows the importance of a balanced life and making time to spend with her family is an integral part of her busy schedule.  Laura and her husband, Wes worked in the same office in Simi Valley, California back in the early 90’s.  They moved to Eastern Washington in 1994 where the river, mild weather, and potential for growth appealed to them.  Together, they have built wonderful careers and a family.

In 2003, they decided to create something even more rewarding.  They started a family and celebrated the birth of their first daughter in April of 2004 and then a second daughter in March of 2008.  Two careers and two children are sometimes challenging to manage, but together they work as a team coming up with creative solutions to the conflicting demands of working parents.  

Recreationally, Laura enjoys traveling, running, water skiing, boating and spending quality time with friends,   family...especially her children.  
Laura Harris-Hodges
Laura Harris-Hodges
8836 Gage Blvd Suite 101B Kennewick WA 99336